We perform hair restoration techniques better than other providers.

We offer clients custom solutions for their hair loss challenges.

Our MEGA sessions produce up to 4,000 grafts.

We perform only one or two procedures at a time

We provide affordable pricing with 0% financing.

We offer FUT, FUE, PRP, SMP, hair loss products and supplements, laser therapy, and other solutions for your needs.

Our team specializes in ATERA, Ellis, and WAW hair loss treatment technologies.

Our clinicians deliver hands-on efforts with their work.

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Get the Look You Deserve When You Consult a Hair Transplant Specialist in Northern Virginia

The Hair Transplant Center – Virginia is a leading hair loss treatment provider offering hair transplants. Our staff members will enjoy meeting with you and helping you determine your options for hair loss treatment.

We specialize in hair restoration and transplant services:

3D scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

Facial hair transplants.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Hybrid hair restoration procedures.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Vitamins, supplements, compounds.

Hair loss occurs as we age. Environmental factors, genetics, and hormonal changes in the body all contribute to hair loss.

We offer the top hair transplant specialists in Northern Virginia, and we are pleased to provide phenomenal results for our clients. Let us help you boost your social confidence and experience a youthful feeling with a fuller head of hair at a price you can afford.

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Hair Transplant Financing Options in Northern Virginia

We offer convenient financing plans for up to five years. You can pay for your hair transplant procedure over time with low monthly fees and apply for 0% interest rates if you pay in full within six months.

With our hair transplant team helping you, you can seek a solution for your hair loss concerns.

Hair Restoration Technology and Treatments

Have you decided to take action toward achieving your hair restoration goals? Why not meet with us at The Hair Transplant Center – Virginia? When you consult with us, we’ll take time to listen to your concerns and fully determine the causes of your hair loss. Next, we’ll present the diverse services and technologies available to help you attain your hair loss goals.

Ellis FUE System
WAW FUE System


ATERA FUE is an automated, motorized follicular unit extraction device. The automated motor streamlines follicle harvesting during hair transplants. This new technology significantly boosts accuracy and speed over more manual methods. ATERA FUE is one of the most advanced technologies available.

The advanced motorization of the ATERA FUE device ensures that the surrounding tissue doesn’t sustain damage by blades or clamps. As a result, ATERA FUE can reduce the need for further surgical intervention on patients who have hair grafts removed.


The Cole Instruments brand delivers tools to hair transplant specialists for hair restoration surgery. When extracting donor hairs, Cole devices bolster hair restoration outcomes. Hair grafts from a Cole procedure are easier to safeguard because doctors can visualize their harvesting field better. The tissue-cutting blades avoid puncturing skin not being used during follicle harvesting. Without having to prepare the operation site manually, the extraction process becomes less tedious.

Ellis FUE System

The Ellis FUE system is a dynamic new hair transplantation device that promotes strip procedure effectiveness. The automation process facilitates the work of surgeons, and the technique provides additional benefits for patients. Patients can benefit from increased safety, reduced risk of infection, and minimized pain.

By using the Ellis FUE System, hair transplant specialists don’t need to use scalpels to dissect individual grafts from the donor site. Instead, hair grafts are cut free with blades and positioned into tiny recipient incisions. This procedure allows the process to proceed much more smoothly.

WAW FUE System

The WAW FUE system is an innovative hair restoration solution. By using an instrument that mirrors the shape of a natural follicle, hair transplant specialists can obtain enhanced results for patients with transplanted follicles. This transplant process allows hair follicles to remain intact and undamaged for transplantation. Moreover, the device can achieve results without penetrating further into the skin. This process reduces the risk of infection and minimizes scalp scars.

Board-Certified Hair Transplant Professionals

If you select The Hair Transplant Center – Virginia as your hair transplant provider, you’ll feel confident knowing that your look will be natural, healthy, and permanent.

Why Consult With Us in Northern Virginia?

Our team of experienced physicians, technicians, and clinicians specialize in performing FUT, FUE, SMP, PRP, and regenerative procedures. We have conducted thousands of successful surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

We offer you a thorough consultation to provide you with the hair restoration treatment that suits your needs. We deliver superior hair transplant methods and use the most innovative technology and advanced surgical techniques.

Don’t allow the question “where can I find a hair transplant near me?” stop you from receiving the care and attention you deserve. Schedule your consultation at The Hair Transplant Center – Virginia.

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